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Protect your workers from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with one, compact personal monitor. Equipped with the latest, rapid performing PID sensing technology, the Ventis Pro5 is now the most compact, versatile, and connected five-gas personal monitor available to reliably detect VOCs.

Whether you’re gearing up for confined space entries or preparing your emergency response efforts, the Ventis Pro5 with PID sensor allows users to detect VOCs with their personal monitor, eliminating the need for additional bulky handheld monitors. By limiting the need for supplementary devices, the Ventis Pro5 with PID sensor can help reduce fleet sizes and maintenance pains.

To learn everything you need to know about using the Ventis Pro5 with PID sensor, check out our collection of PID Sensor-exclusive resources to give you an in-depth look at how this new sensing technology works, how to effectively monitor for VOCs, and much more.

Resources Include:

  • Curated videos on detecting VOCs, best practices and benefits of using a PID sensor, key application for monitoring VOCs with a PID sensor, and more
  • An exclusive Q&A with Garvin Boorman, managing director and general manager of Industrial Scientific's EMEA regions, about using a PID sensor for identifying VOCs
  • Educational articles highlighting key application uses
  • Plus! New content resources as they become available