How to Use Dynamic Plume Modeling for Safer Worksites and Communities

SAFERWhen it comes to chemical leaks, it can be tempting to think it will never happen at your facility. However, working with chemicals means emergencies are out of your control and will happen despite your best safety efforts.

Chemical exposure can affect your workers, community members, and environment, so your job to protect them from harmful exposure is both challenging and crucial. During a chemical release (and everyday operations, too), plume models connect the data you might not be taking full advantage of to equip you with the information you need to be proactive and respond appropriately to inevitable incidents.

Questions Plume Modeling Can Help You Answer:

  • How quickly will an expected release dissipate?
  • Which areas of the worksite will be interrupted, and which can continue working as usual?
  • During an emergency, what information should you share with responders to keep them safe?  Where will you get that information?

You need a tool that answers these questions.  SAFER™ One Dynamic Plume Modeling may be your answer. 

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