iiot-articleUsing IIoT to Improve Safety in Industrial Environments

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connects machines and devices in industrial environments such as oil and gas, transportation, and power generation to improve operational efficiencies, reduce downtime, and enhance worker safety among others. By 2020, it is estimated there will be 31 billion connected devices globally. These connected devices transmit thousands of data points that can be analyzed to understand trends and provide insights into areas of improvement.

Most large industrial operations are complex and involve a variety of equipment, technology, and processes. These companies need to ensure safety of their employees and comply with industry regulations. In addition to cost savings associated with data analytics from IIoT enabled devices, safety insights are also important to improve outcomes. For example, in the mining industry, automated ground control systems may capture data from the vibrations in the ground to determine whether a mine is strong enough. This information, coupled with real-time gas detection data can help companies verify a possible correlation between mine structure and gas emissions, or provide a full picture of possible hazards faced by workers. Ultimately this data can be used to create safer procedures for drilling and blasting.

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