Ventis® Pro5 Cellular

The Ventis® Pro5 with direct cellular connectivity provides a cost-effective way to wirelessly connect gas detectors to live monitoring software from anywhere, including hazardous environments.

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Meet the Ventis® Pro5 Cellular

With the addition of a new battery that enables future-proof cellular connectivity, the Ventis Pro5 Cellular is now the most flexible connected monitor on the market.

Cellular, wi-fi and peer-to-peer connectivity options give you the power to connect workers anytime, anywhere, even in the most remote settings.

Key Product Specs :


  • Easy deployment
  • Ready out of the box
  • Connected Cat-M1 – Machine-to-Machine communication
  • Fast communication response
  • Highest location accuracy – GPS with assisted-GPS

Get real-time location and alarm data from wireless gas detectors to a live monitoring platform using cellular connectivity !


The Ventis Pro5 Cellular allows you to :

VP5 cellular black 1
  • Respond quickly in an emergency by automatically tying names, GPS location and hazard data to instant alerts.
  • Communicate quickly and easily with your teams through two-way text messaging.
  • Simplify gas detection and scale your program using your existing infrastructure, no IT support needed.
  • Future-proof your gas monitoring investment thanks to the latest cellular technology.

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