PID-Resources-HeroOn-Demand - VOC Detection: Why, How, What, Where & When 

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Equipped with the latest, most accurate PID sensing technology from ION Science, the Ventis Pro5 from Industrial Scientific is now the most compact, versatile, and connected five-gas personal monitor available to reliably detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs). However, if you're considering adding the Ventis Pro5 with PID sensor to your fleet of gas monitoring equipment, there's a lot to consider about what's best for you and your facility—including why, how, what, where, and when to use this option for gas detection.

Our Panel of Experts from Industrial Scientific and ION Science Discuss:

  • Exactly what VOCs are and their impact on both human and environmental health
  • Traditional methods and new technologies for detecting and monitoring VOCs
  • Best practices and benefits of using a PID sensor
  • Key applications for monitoring VOCs with a PID sensor