On-Demand - Tips for simple and effective gas detection in water & wastewater

Thursday, April 22, 2021

As a safety professional at a water or wastewater treatment facility, it’s your job to protect workers from hazards, including dangerous gases. Gas exposures can be a matter of life and death and there is no easy way to figure out what is happening across your sites, let alone to your workers in the field checking meters or monitoring water quality at a pump station.

A few months ago, we presented a free webinar and gave tools and tips to help simplify gas detection management program, track exposure data, prioritize maintenance projects and leverage technology to gain visibility into the wellbeing of your teams, even if they are far away.

You’ll Learn

  • Why connected safety is the solution to your visibility challenges
  • How to protect employees from hazards using connected safety
  • How to get started quickly with connected safety