On-Demand Webinar: Making the Most of Alerts That Matter

While other industries have been quick to embrace the power of data in recent years, the safety industry has been slow to catch up. Now, it's time for a change. Too often, gas detection data is collected, stored, and never reviewed. Or worse yet, it's not reviewed until a catastrophic event forces a post-mortem investigation. The true value of this data can only be realized when it's used to drive decisions and proactively improve safety practices.

In this webinar, we'll show you how to access critical gas detection safety data as an iNet customer, manage your subscription preferences for notifications and live alerts, and run reports to gain insights that can help you make informed decisions to bring your workers home safely every day.

You’ll learn:

  • What safety data you can (and should) be using to make your operations safer
  • How to manage your subscription preferences
  • How to manage and track your Exchange fleet directly in iNet Control

Register below and watch to learn how you can leverage the data your gas monitors already collect to improve safety.


Register below to access the on-demand webinar: Making the Most of Alerts That Matter